"Life is the Journey."

“Life is a Journey” is the concept on which a series of communication activities have been integrated to position Rosetti Superyachts and create Brand awareness. During the launching phase the Creative Strategy concentrates on  valorization of  the RSY trademark and the aspects which make it unique and distinctive in the sector of Luxury Yachting.

International Press Campaign

The institutional announcement is a sort of “Poster” which places the “unicity of the experience” (Brand Promise) at the centre of RSY. Published worldwide in nautical and other specialised magazines, it celebrates the moment when each one of us set out on the most adventurous journey of all: life. The message is based on the insight that “it is the journey that makes the person not vice versa and highlights the characteristics of RSY yachts: resistant boats which are “muscular “and strong, constructed to weather all conditions throughout  the seas of the world.

Responsive Website

The integrated campaign is structured to support the awareness and the positioning of the RSY Brand on every single touch-point. In addition to the announcement, the agency has created and developed offline and online activities that include the new site, the Social, the Blog dedicated to the RSY world and the Media Relation activities.

Social Media Marketing

From the Content Generation to Content Management and from Strategic Planning to Publishing, the Social Strategy foresees the complete synergenic management of four platforms. The RSY profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin have been created from scratch. On the RSY channel  on Youtube there is now an activity to support the identified SEO strategy.