"Black is the new Black"

“Black is the new black” is the claim made during the relaunching of the Chesterfield brand, one of the historic and most popular of the Philip Morris group. The activities created by the agency also involve the restyling of packaging, organisation of an on-road tour, creation of POP materials and instruments for the sales force.


Both the new packaging design and look of Chesterfield products are strongly inspired by the vintage code of the brand. The packets are also characterised by the use of particularly refined finishing details such as the embossed logo, the matt  fingerprint-proof treatment of the whole packet and the use of UV inks on certain details of the graphics.

On road promotional tour

Addressed to a target group that wants to rediscover a taste for socialising and sharing, the “Black is the new black” on-road Tour has made stops in open air meeting places, frequented by the target group.

The promotional activities have been characterised by the setting up of a caravan of Volkswagon Hippy mini-buses, by automatic “Pop-Up” distributors and hand2hand sampling.