Your world is our destination.

Stakeholders, investors, tour operators, commercial activities, tourists and business passengers: how can we make make our message relevant to so many diverse targets? With a unique Brand Promise, distinctive Positioning and an efficient Creative Strategy: “Your world is our destination”.

Integrated Campaign

With over 20 new national and international, daily connections and thanks to its strategic position, the airport represents an opportunity to make all its passengers’ dreams come true.

The payoff has signed a series of multi-subject bill posters and press releases with messages aimed at various national and international target groups.

Ambient idea

The departure screen was hacked and showed the “true” destinations of those who fly. Inspired by an institutional subject, the unconventional installation was set up in the Check-in area of the airport’s new Terminal.

Corporate Design

As well as the integrated communication campaign, the agency has studied corporate instruments including the publishing of the Financial and Sustainable statements

Sustainable Statement Brochure

Sustainable Statement Brochure