"Get it, together."

Goethe Business School, a branch of the prestigious Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main, offers MBA and Executive MBA courses developed by the combined competencies of the University Faculty. AdmCom has developed an international campaign which has exploited the media channels  of airlines and airports all over the world connected to Frankfurt am Main.

International Press Campaign/ On-board magazines.

From the creative concept ” We see what you can be” the campaign came into being based on an important art direction reinterpreting the matrioska cliche’.

The two main protagonists describe the “metamorphosis”, from the point of view of a student and an affirmed professional, highlighting the end benefit obtained through a formation programme for each MBA.

City light and billboards in airports

The campaign was planned in the magazines on board the airlines of the “target” countries of GBS. In the boarding and check-in areas of the airports of 13 countries around the world the different subjects were adapted to city lights and billboards.