“J&K” is the launching campaign for the first real tournament of Texas Hold’em Poker online in Italy. The challenge, which corrisponds to a real game, started on the online game of the Venice Casino. As well as guaranteeing the safe and correct running of operations according to the platform, it  allows  access to casinodivenezia players and qualification to the world finals in Las Vegas.


Texas hold’em poker at Real money, real emotions.

With a view to extending the Casino’s Brand Experience and, specifically, to “extend” the online poker experience, 6 × 3 billboards has been planned at the Venice Marco Polo Airport. The message is addressed to tourists and visitors of the Casinò about to depart, promotes access to the games platform also online.

Posting at the Marco Polo - Venice airport

Real emotions go worldwide. Keep Playing.

Texas hold’em poker at Real money, real emotions.